Banana Kush Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

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Banana Kush Marijuana Seeds is an sativa-dominant cannabis strain that’s very easy to grow. It is a strain with an uplifting, euphoric, happy, giggly effect perfect for the relief of depression, anxiety, insomnia, inflammation, stress, and migraines. It flowers very early in just 6 to 8 weeks producing earthy, sweet, tropical, and tree-fruit flavors.

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More About Banana Kush Autoflower


For people looking for an added twist to their marijuana experience, the Banana Kush autoflower marijuana seeds might solve their problems. The Banana Kush Auto is famous for its distinct flavors and taste of earthy, spicy. Sweet and citrus flavors. This Sativa dominant plant produces some aromatic buds that are sure to be a delight for your smell.


Upon the very first smoke, they should be greeted with some intense cerebral high. As expected for Sativa plants, they possess strong energizing effects and mood-enhancing quality. When you are a product of two legendary strains, the OG Kush and the Amnesia Haze, it is rightfully so to expect some great qualities too.


Although its THC is relatively low compared to its predecessors, it is still capable of creating a euphoric experience.


Growing this strain usually needs ample amounts of space as they tend to be tall with added vigor. So, ideally, this strain shouldn’t be grown outdoors as they may outgrow their space. This strain should be planted outdoors as outdoor cultivation substantial amount of airflow and sunlight exposure. When its optimal requirements are met, expect extra massive yields that could light up your world in an instant.


Lastly, Banana Kush autoflower marijuana seeds might not give banana-flavored Kush, but thanks to its legendary lineage, this strain shows promising potentials.

11 reviews for Banana Kush Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Jesus Murray

    Jesus Murray

    I have an eating disorder, and nothing helps me feel good other than Banana Kush Auto. It’s strange. I used to think marijuana was just for stoners, but it has greatly aided my depression and nausea. It makes me smile and relieves my anxiety. My dad grew it for the most part, with a bit of support from me.

  2. Avatar for David Gentile

    David Gentile

    Banana Kush Autoflower is a complete package strain! It performs well in any climate, resistant to moisture and the growth of mold. Whenever I used this, it always offers me a strong body buzz while calming my mind. I smoke this daily since it possesses the tropical and earthy flavors that I used to smoke.

  3. Avatar for Vernon Smith

    Vernon Smith

    This Banana Kush really did set the bar high! from its deliciously sweet, fruity, tropical, and earthy taste to its uplifting and stimulating boost. I really couldn’t ask for more! She could also give me so much comfort that I was able to forget about my worries. Also, it was easy to grow her in soil on an outdoor set-up and she responded well with my all training and to all the sunlight she always absorbs.

  4. Avatar for Joe Raynor

    Joe Raynor

    Banana Kush Auto has a robust bodily elevation that melts away stresses and relaxes my muscles. The effects also reduced my epileptic seizures and anxiety attacks. At the same time, the smoke was purely bananas and woods. It flourishes well on my outdoor setup that has enough sunlight and airflow.

  5. Avatar for Dana Nunez

    Dana Nunez

    Banana Kush brings a lot of beneficial effects to me such as; being happy, relaxed, and at the same time sleepy. It also helped me to cure my depression, anxiety, and stress of work. It grows well in my region since it can adapt to any climate and has immunity to molds! As I toke, the banana and fruit flavors are exploding in my mouth!

  6. Avatar for Alexander Bridgewater

    Alexander Bridgewater

    I had a delightful day ever since I tasted the tropical, sweet, and banana flavor popping into my mouth. At the same time, it smells like freshly picked bananas. I felt an energizing and uplifting feeling that brightens up my mood. As I grew Banana kush, it has a bushy and thick structure that thrives well in a warm climate like my area. I love it!

  7. Avatar for Edward Perry

    Edward Perry

    As an expert cannabis grower, growing Banana Kush is no hassle. It flourishes well in any environment and grows both outdoors and indoors, immune to diseases and overgrows. I make sure to cure it well so the tropical flavors of banana and fruits will pop in my mouth. I can feel how it soothes my body and puts me to sleep early—going to buy more!

  8. Avatar for Dora Olson

    Dora Olson

    Great strain! Banana Kush Autoflower is very easy to grow and yields very massive. It generates a very euphoric high, this could also help me reduce stress and anxiety. As the name itself, this strain smells and taste like banana, sweet, and very citrusy.

  9. Avatar for Rob A.

    Rob A.

    I’m still starting out growing cannabis as a hobby. This is actually the 2nd strain that I’m growing. So far I could say that this is way too easy compared to my first. I’m also loving the sweet aroma that’s filling the room. I really can’t wait for its harvest. Great service and thanks!

  10. Avatar for VGarceau


    These had a 100% germination rate for me but so far everything is growing great perfectly and fastly. VERY impressed and super happy with my purchase.

    I will also add that their customer service is great!

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