Auto CBD Cheese Marijuana Seeds


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Auto CBD Cheese Marijuana Seeds is a sativa-dominant high THC strain made for experienced breeders. This strain has 18% THC and can grow to a height of 140 cm tall. It produces average yields at 350 grams per plant outdoors and 350 grams per square meter indoors. It flowers late but produces fat buds with citrusy, herbal, lemony, and earthy flavors.

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25 Seeds Pack


More About Auto CBD Cheese

The remarkable combination of genetic makeup from the greatly reputable strain of cannabis today, the Cheese strain, should leave no suspicion to all cannabis users. Top with autoflowering property furnished by the variety of ruderalis strain, the Auto CBD Cheese strain is no match to most autoflowering strains today. With its impressive sweet blend of fruity and cheese flavors that indeed provoke satisfaction.

Cultivate indoor and outdoor; the seed may thrive and develop into a sativa like structure and a Christmas tree appearance. Perfect to have in your backyard or indoor. No need to concern about its development as it only expands a compact length that suits in a restricted indoor space. And despite its growth aspect, the strain can produce a vast quantity of output within ten weeks of the flowering period with approximately 500 grams/sqm inside and 170 grams/plant outside.

This strain executes well-utilizing guerrilla-style and can induce a minimal psychoactive influence but tremendous medical benefits due to its elevated CBD composition ranging up to 12%. Nonetheless, it can still send improved social behavior and relaxing impression while providing relief from numerous categories of health problems ranging from pain to severe mood disorders. Hence, this should have a niche in your growing area for either recreational or medical intentions it attends to.

With its soaring CBD levels, one would find more medical value with this strain. Used to provide pain relief, lower anxiety levels, and beat insomnia, this is a strain that proves to be a very potent medical marijuana. Growing this weed would be best done outdoors as it thoroughly enjoys the warm sunlight.


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