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Alien Technology Marijuana Seeds is a very potent strain that has an earthy flavor and high THC. It is an average-sized plant that flowers well in just 8 to 10 weeks. You can produce up to 450 grams per plant outdoors and from 350 to 450 grams per square meter of yield.

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More About Alien Technology (Regular)

Strangely Familiar Yet Something Quite Unknown

Alien Technology is an Indica leaning medical strain that aims to provide a good amount of mental clarity and temporary relief from different affliction. Unlike most Indicas, this strain starts with a stimulating rush that gently elevates the energy levels of its user. The invigorating rush helps better the mood as well.

This strain has a more tropical flavor that is similar to drinking your favorite fruit juice. With its strong spicy apple flavor with a diesel aftertaste, this delightful strain is often consumed in the afternoon when you can fully enjoy its long-lasting effects. The uplifting effects of this strain stabilize any morbid thoughts and emotions. It also wraps the body in a comforting blanket of warmth that disregards any sensations of pain.

With its medical attributes, one would surely be tempted to grow this weed in their backyard. If you find yourself interested, make sure to avoid exposing this strain to cold temperatures and allow it to flourish under the warm sunlight.

11 reviews for Alien Technology Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Richard Mitchum

    Richard Mitchum

    WOW, this weed is insanely potent! If you’re not careful, this stuff can knock you off your feet, so proceed with caution, particularly if you’re a newbie to marijuana. Alien Technology Reg relatively simple to cultivate and grow, though the yield isn’t as high as one would hope. I got about 400 grams per plant, which isn’t bad. It tastes earthy, tropical, and fruity. I enjoy smoking this in the evening because it provides a well-balanced buzz with a strong indica component. So it will undoubtedly help with pain and tension. Furthermore, I will likely recommend this to my colleagues!

  2. Avatar for Forrest Vang

    Forrest Vang

    With Alien Tech reg, you’ll be able to travel to the farthest reaches of the universe! It’s insanely potent stuff, man! Whoa, that caught me off guard, so well, I usually just take one hit at a time.  But it’s weird stuff; it smells like earth and spice, and the flowers do have orange and white whiskers that make things appear like little alien creatures from another planet. Smoking this is very energizing, but it has a crash, so, as I previously said, a little goes a very long way.
    I’m looking forward to purchasing more!

  3. Avatar for Stephanie Shepard

    Stephanie Shepard

    If you want to try something new, start smoking Alien Tech reg!! After a few joint hits, I had experiences I couldn’t believe. You may also want to have a notepad nearby so you can recall what came to mind later. I had the impression that I could see things from a different viewpoint, giving me a fresh outlook on my life. This weed is genuinely enlightening and soothing that washes away the pain and worries I felt. Very tasty and appetizing at the same time! I suggest you give this perfect weed a shot and see what new perspectives you can get!

  4. Avatar for Larry Wagner

    Larry Wagner

    I’m in love with this shit! It’s the perfect blend of Indica and Sativa, with a flavor and aroma of tropical goodness that transports me to the jungle! I grew this in my backyard and had a lot of success that I wasn’t expecting! With these bright green nugs that appear in just a few months, plants become extremely tall and bushy! It’s ideal for kicking it with friends, playing video games, or simply watching TV before bedtime. It won’t lock you in your sofa, but it won’t send your mind into overdrive either. This is a fantastic pot to smoke at any time!

  5. Avatar for Tuan Wood

    Tuan Wood

    This stuff is definitely out of this world to smoke, and it’s perfect for unwinding or even doing some creative writing or drawing. I consider myself extremely lucky to have grown all for myself, as I have these delicious buds that are dense and pretty resinous. It is pretty potent and harsh to my throat, but in the end, I got used to its potency! Intense flavors of herbs and spices are dominating my tongue!

  6. Avatar for Johnny Turner

    Johnny Turner

    This pandemic really stressed me out! But I was thankful I got this Alien Tech, this strain really gave me a clear head when I used it. And this strain took all my worries and stress away. When I planted this strain I always had a positive feeling to harvest good products, and I DID! With all the efforts and training I have given this plant, it was all worth it. Oh! it also has very tasty spicy and herbal flavors.

  7. Avatar for Damon Scott

    Damon Scott

    In my case, Alien technology was a success. It was quick and easy cultivating this since it was also the best strain option for beginners like me, I enjoyed the very organic pungent spicy and herbal taste. The effects were soothing and refreshing. 5 Stars!

  8. Avatar for Henry Hutchinson

    Henry Hutchinson

    I like this Alien Technology Marijuana because it can yield massively! My friend and I takes time to produce some strain but this one is exceptional! In just 10 weeks we cultivate and harvested bunch of Alien Tech, it really responds well to the nutrients and some LST done. The effects is promising! and the smell and taste of spice and earthy is very addicting! The potency of this strain embodies within! Love it! Try this one!

  9. Avatar for Phil J.

    Phil J.

    As a writer, I use weeds to help me do my job. And I find Alien Technology very helpful to me and gave me mental clarity. It never gave me hard time to grow them in an outdoor setting. Glad to have found this on Beever Seeds’ site. Thanks for these great quality seeds and for fast delivery.

  10. Avatar for Zerbino Baron

    Zerbino Baron

    That is a top quality strain.It was my first Alien Technology, it continued astounding me and the smell showed signs of improvement and better, this weed is useful for day and evening. Useful for rest as well, yet in addition great as a solid daytime weed.

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