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Alien Technology Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Alien Technology Marijuana Seeds is a mysterious strain, a pure indica with high THC. Little is known about the lineage of this strain, but to growers, it’s an average-sized plant capable of high yields up to 600 grams per plant outdoors and up to 500 grams per square meter indoors.

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More About Alien Technology (fem)

A Pleasant High and the Sticky Terpenes

Insinuated by its name, Alien Technology feminized is one of the most distinct strains ever introduced in the cannabis world. One or two hits of this real puncher create a whole body blow that can endure for 6 hours. It provides a constant flow of bliss and soothing feeling that is best for end-of-day consumption.

Alien Technology is one strain that is characterized as Indica from top to bottom. Aside from its irrefutable charm, the plant also displays a high ratio of calyx to leaf. Thus, its colas will likely to be stickier than those with abundant sugar leaves. Growing it indoors is best complemented with the Sea of Green setup. Such a setup maximizes indoor spaces while also improving the yield of up to 500 grams per square meter. Its potential yield can be achieved if the thermal comfort in the growing environment is kept within the ideal levels.

3 reviews for Alien Technology Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Clifford Eastridge

    Clifford Eastridge

    I’ve been stuck from using Alien Technology Fem since I love the intense aroma, wood shaving, and fresh fruits. It brings me into an uplifting high, and euphoric ecstasy that washes over my mind and body is responsible for its ability to stabilize primary emotions and anxiety, which can sometimes feel daunting. It thrives well ever since I started planting it outdoors. Very happy that it is resistant to molds and disease.

  2. Avatar for Jay Johnson

    Jay Johnson

    An unbelievable strain! A pure Indica with an extremely high level of THC, loved it! This is an average plant is very easy to grow and doesn’t require of your time because it flourishes well on its own and that offers a huge outdoor yield that reaches 600 grams and 500 grams for every sq meter if the plant is grown indoors. It’s a very rare strain. The high experienced is great  and lasts for up to six hours. It gives me a relaxing feeling that is good all day long. It also shows a flower stalk proportion. This makes me feel wonderful if I puff a single one. Love its medical effects as it helps me with my insomnia and really gave me a good night’s sleep. The aroma and taste really standout because it is very rare and very sweet, just adds up to the relaxing effect. This is currently my fave strain!

  3. Avatar for MGuimond


    This strain is a standout among the other I was able to see buds in progress .Definitely worth it they are looking pretty good. They are simple to start from seed. I’m hopeful that they will give a great harvest. I enjoyed my experience growing Alien Technology (Fem). All in all very very happy!!!

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