AK-47 Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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AK-47 Marijuana Seeds is a sativa-dominant hybrid that’s small but very powerful. Growing only 65 to 85 cm tall, it can produce massive yields, which may also be improved through early training. Expect to be energetic, happy, relaxed, uplifted, euphoric, and creative with this strain. You may also use this to deal with medical conditions like fatigue, depression, migraines, stress, and anxiety.

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More About AK-47 (fem)

An Enigmatic Plant with an Intricate Lineage

AK-47 feminized is one of the most outstanding strains ever introduced in the cannabis world. Although some may associate the name to a thought of rampage, this was not the purpose of its formulation. The smoke creates a hit wonder because of the rich THC content. Considering that fact, new users are not encouraged to try it. The strain demonstrates a compelling yet satisfying high.

AK-47 feminized marijuana seeds is a joy to grow, whether for the veterans or the beginners. It is not demanding and can thrive in any environment. Moreover, the plant is also known to produce superior quality and fast yields. It grows in medium size. Considering its sharp and profound scent with notes of citrus, AK-47 may need an added maintenance that would act to control the odor if cultivating nearby a neighborhood. It tracks a shorter flowering phase, bearing solid buds covered with resin crystals.

5 reviews for AK-47 Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Tory Brighton

    Tory Brighton

    AK-47 Fem reminds me of a sweet treat. It’s an uplifting and relaxing smoke that gives me a great body high and keeps me glued to the couch before bed. At the very least, I am no longer stressed, and I can unwind after work. Anti-anxiety medications helped me in the past, but they just took me so far. My psychiatrist was the one who suggested this medicinal marijuana to help me deal with my stress. It turns out that going out into the yard was a perfect choice for me, and this particular weed is exceptionally yummy!

  2. Avatar for Particia Samaniego

    Particia Samaniego

    The AK-47 Fem is a pretty intense strain for smokers like me, use this for stress, anxiety, discomfort, and depression as a medical marijuana patient. Gardening improves my mood, and I’m pleased to report that I successfully developed this weed on my first try. The earthy, sweet aroma appeals to me, and the smoking experience is smooth and gentle on the lungs. I feel more pleasant and alert, less depressed and nervous about life now that I’ve opened my mind to new ideas. My girlfriend and I are fond of talking about this good shit! Happy with the outcome!

  3. Avatar for Kian Thorpe

    Kian Thorpe

    This set of seeds is very amazing! Most of the time my body feels so relaxed and calm whenever I consume this one! Me and My colleagues try this often times and we never regret our decision upon using. I used to have some issues like anxiety and migraines, but when I try this one it all goes away. Growing this strain takes a lot of time and effort, i also sis the LST so it awards me a very high yields. I prefer this AK-47 Marijuana for you to try.

  4. Avatar for Ron Zamora

    Ron Zamora

    The distribution was extremely fast and effective!!! I cultivated marijuana for the first time and it takes a whole bit of an effort. Not all plants evolved as I wished they would, sadly. Found out that I’ve given so much light to the plants, this comes as a lesson to me, maybe too much enthusiasm. But it always won’t bother me, and I won’t have any regrets!!

  5. Avatar for Zerbino Latourelle

    Zerbino Latourelle

    I am grateful for the chance to grow such a delightful plant. I highly recommend them to all and have confidence that you will get the best and excellent cannabis seeds.

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